Student Testimonials

Here is some recent feedback from our students and agents. 

MonkiaOne of our Italian agents contacted us to say: '

I have just received a wonderful phone call from Gaia’s father. He wanted to thank us all for the beautiful experience. Gaia has just left the shop in tears because her colleagues gave a little party for her and bought her some little presents.

I was so pleased to received this phone call and wanted to share this with you all for the great job you’ve done and that you do every day.

He told me she is so sad about leaving and that she had the best time of her life! She had loved everything about it, the family, the job and all the people she met!'

Danica told us: I just realised that it's already passed a year (and a week) since we first met and my six-month-internship started. I still have this feeling to thank Claire for finding me a really good accommodation with a loving host family! And to Sophie, for satisfying my interests in a workplace totally different from what I studied. If it wasn't for your support, I wouldn't be a pre-school English teacher now!! Yes, I'm not going to be a flight attendant anymore, instead I decided to pursue my dream. I'm currently managing classrooms of 10-15 kids of 3-5 years old. It's unbelievable that I could do this because of my volunteering work at the primary school in Brighton and my improved English. I'm so blessed and couldn't be more grateful. Without your help I wouldn't have grown so much and enjoyed my time over there to the fullest!

One of our German agents said “Cindy did an internship in Brighton and now represents our  agency at Trade Fairs. She absolutely loved her work experience and is still in touch with her company. The internship was perfect for her career . So you guys did an excellent job in placing her!

For me was very useful to practise my English, but also the opportunity to help other people through volunteering, I loved to see how many people donated objects or decided to volunteer every day and I found it really beautiful the idea that a little gesture can make the world a better place. Besides I knew a beautiful city like Brighton and a lot of different cultures, in fact I met a lot of English people but also people from many different countries. This was my first work experience, something new for me, that made me grow up and helped me to build my confidence. Virginia

In just 6 months I’m a total different person. When I came here in February I was so shy, and my English was so bad. Now I go back to home with an amazing experience. Carolina

I got to know myself better. The experience made me stronger and I feel more confident. I would definitely love to do it again Catherine

I like start-ups, my French school is working around this universe and the fact to work in an English start-up inside a co-working space was definitely cool. Xavier

I work as an activity Leader, so I oversee groups of international students for activities in the afternoon, in the evening and for the excursions on Saturday. The students are between 10 and 18 y.o. and come from Italy, Oman, Germany, China, Russia, Poland, Austria… We are doing a lot of different activities such as Laser tag, swimming pool, visits, sports, disco, bowling, cinema, mini-golf and plenty other things; every afternoon from Monday to Friday, and twice a week during the evening. Every Saturday, we go to an excursion in London, Oxford or Cambridge with the students. We go by train or coach for the day and we make a tour in the cities by ourselves or with a guide. Usually come at 10:45 to prepare the break, the lunch and the activities for the afternoon and the evening. The Monday I come at 8:30 to welcome the new students. In the evening, I finish between 5 and 10:30, it depends on the kind of activity of the day. This job is very interesting because every day is a new day with new activities and every week a new group of students. Manuel

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