Placement Programme

Generally speaking, the Stages programme would benefit students who…

  • are 18 years old or older, wishing to develop their vocational and English language skills. Younger students are welcome if they fit the criteria detailed in LEVEL 1.
  • wish to use work experience as a stepping stone to permanent work in England, or to complete their training course or degree requirements at home or those seeking to build confidence in the world of work.


To participate in the Stages programme, our students will need to be citizens of the European Union, speak English to the required level for the particular PROGRAMME LEVEL selected.

Why Stages?

So what can we offer YOU as a student interested in participating in our programme?

  • An opportunity to improve your English language and vocational skills (not as a result of direct teaching but through the experience)  in a friendly and real business environment.
  • Support from the Stages team who arrange the placement, check your placement company for quality, finalise the details and act as a link between you and the company.
  • On request we can also arrange business English classes for groups or individuals, according to your specific requirements.
  • A first-day welcome talk is arranged and total support and monitoring service is part of the programme Stages’ main role is to provide care and support.

What kind of work can you expect?

  • General administration available in the following choice of vocational areas:  marketing, travel & tourism, administration, information technology (IT), finance, teaching, hotel & catering, and many more.
  • Total involvement as a contributing member of a team. Your duties might include everyday tasks such as general administration e.g. word processing, responding to enquiries, using databases, preparation of reports, research as well as preparation of special projects. It is important to realise that all office based placements will require you to contribute to the administration of the department.
  • Your lunch and travel to work expenses might be paid by some companies but not all, so we do recommend that you speak to your University or the local Chamber of Commerce to see if you can obtain any additional funding.
  • We would advise all participating students to be as proactive as possible at work as this often leads to more responsibilities and therefore an even more exciting and valuable work experience.
  • References can be provided by the host company, but please request this at the beginning of your stay so that there is time to prepare it.

Company Info


Where to find us

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Telephone: +44 (0)1273 777 170
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Emergency telephone: +44 (0) 7766 102028